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What inspires you? Do you feel ready to shift old patterns into your conscious, creative life? What would your life be like living fully alive? Join us in experiencing the tools we've found for making our own profound shifts.

What Do We Offer?

Among the powerful tools we offer are Journey to Wholeheartedness workshops. Based on the ground-breaking work of Dr. Brené Brown, Journey to Wholeheartedness workshops will increase your shame resilience - your ability to recognize when shame is working and responding consciously, creating new, deeper connections with your world. We also offer evening mini-workshops to teach one tool for shame resilience. Recent and forthcoming topics for our mini-workshops include Shame around Money, Shame around Sexuality, Shame around Receiving, and Shame around Parenting.

Journey to Wholeheartedness Weekend Workshop!

Recognize how shame feels when it arises and how shame can be keeping you separate from those you love. Learn how you can transform shame into connection by recognizing and shifting how you interact with shame and with others. Our workshops are experiential and based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown.

Upcoming weekend workshops, featuring Brené's full Curriculum:

Date Location Register
June, 2014 Ann Arbor, MI (map)
June, 2014 Oakland, CA

(We have a limited number of partial scholarships available - please contact David.)

The first evening of each weekend workshop is open for anyone to attend for free, and if space is available, we will accept last-minute registrations for the full workshop.

About Brené

Brené Brown's website: http://brenebrown.com/

Some videos of her on TED and UTube:

Brené's Four Elements of Shame Resilience

  1. Empathy - putting ourselves in another's place, opening our hearts and accepting others wherever they are
  2. Ordinary Courage - speaking our mind with our heart, telling our story, being truly authentic even with our darkest parts, asking for what we need
  3. Compassion - truly hearing another's story without judgment, sitting with people in their vulnerability
  4. Connection - reaching out, learning that we are not alone and that shame is a universal human condition, feeling that we belong

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